Author / Environmentalist/ Activist

Chaitanya Davé is an author,the founder of, the founder of Pragati Foundation, a social activist, a highly progressive individual and an environmentalist.


Chaitanya Davé was born in India. He came to USA in 1966 and finished his engineering. Currently, he runs his own business and is also director of a non-profit rural development organization helping the poor villagers of India.

An avid reader, politically well-aware, an activist, war resister and an environmentalist, he has written three books: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: a Shocking History of U.S. Crimes since 1776 (Nov. 2007), COLLAPSE: Civilization on the Brink (June 2010), and CAPITALISM’S MARCH OF DESTRUCTION: Replacing it with People and Nature-Friendly Economy (April 2020).

Well-traveled around the world, he loves to write about the global issues and problems facing humanity. He lives with his family in California.

Capitalism’s March of Destruction

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Collapse: Civilization on the Brink

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Crimes against Humanity: A Shocking History of U.S Crimes Since 1776

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